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FAQs and Contact details


To check which rides are suitable for guests with special needs, we invite you to consult the "Gardaland Park" section (link), where you can find information on the most suitable rides for each form of disability. Guests with disabilities may use a Park Guide specifically suited to their needs, which can be collected from the Welcome Desk at the Castle.

Guests with disabilities who are not self-sufficient, i.e. those who cannot access the rides/attractions on their own and who hold assistance certification (e.g. wheelchair users, guests with behaviour/intellectual disorders, autism, Down’s syndrome, blind or partially sighted...) have the right to free admission to our facilities.
A chaperon is entitled to reduced cost admission (there are no discounts on season passes and/or membership). Any other members of the group must pay full price for their tickets. For guests with disabilities who have certification but no official companion permit, we reserve a special rate ticket AVAILABLE ONLY at the WELCOME DESK office (there are no discounts on season tickets and/or memberships), but no discount for any companion.
Tickets can be purchased from our website (except for tickets reserved for self-sufficient guests with disabilities, which can only be purchased at the WELCOME DESK office) or at the Park's ticket offices (at a higher rate), while any free entrance tickets should be picked up exclusively at the Welcome Desk entrance upon presentation of appropriate certification.
We remind you, also, that if you wish to purchase a season pass, payment may be made online or directly at the main ticket offices, while the issue of any free pass is made exclusively at the Welcome Desk office, upon presentation of the necessary certification. On the day of the visit, we invite guests with disabilities to go to our Welcome Desk office to receive all the necessary information regarding accessibility at the Park and ticket collection. We require one of the following certification documents:

  • INPS certificate (statement of invalidity)
  • ASL (local health authority) certificate
  • Disability Card (the visitor MUST be able to access the certification and open the complete documentation)
  • Certificate stating the disability condition, issued by an official authority

Inside the Gardaland Park parking area, there is a specific section dedicated to guests with disabilities. For access to the parking area, you must show your blue parking badge issued by the authority (N.B. in the car there must be the holder of the badge) Warning: limited places, subject to availability!

On arrival at the Park, go to the Welcome Desk office at the right of the main gates to the Park.

The Park offers a fast-track service for guests with particular physical, sensorial or cognitive conditions. The possibility of using this service is available exclusively from the Welcome Desk, and is subject to presentation of the appropriate disability certification. PLEASE NOTE! This service does NOT guarantee the holder IMMEDIATE access to approved rides/attractions, but offers preferential access over the normal queues, especially on days when the Park is particularly busy.

It is possible to rent a wheelchair, subject to availability, directly from the Welcome Desk office at the Park entrance; the service is subject to payment and costs € 5.00 per day. We remind you that in order to use this service you will be asked to present your ID. There is no a booking service. Due to limited availability, we recommend that in the event of necessity, you bring your own wheelchair for use in the Park. 

The acquarium is next to the “Sector E” carpark area of Gardaland Park, and can be easily reached on foot from the Park, along a reserved path. For further questions about our Aquarium, click here.

During all opening hours, a first aid medical service is available inside the Park. If case of need, do not hesitate to ask our staff!

Gardaland Park is open from 25 March 2023 to 7 January 2024; however, we recommend that our guests with disabilities contact us to request advice when organising their visit, to select the most suitable dates according to their specific needs.


All information that you can provide us with is useful for identifying the best solutions for your stay according to your needs, ensuring that you enjoy a truly memorable and easy-access holiday. All information about our guests’ stays is managed in full compliance with privacy regulations, discreetly and professionally.

Guide dogs stay free of charge, provided that their support role for blind/partially sighted guests is certified. A bed pillow and double bowl will be provided in the room. Guide dogs are (extraordinarily) allowed to enter hotel restaurants.

In the event of purchase of a hotel + tickets package, there are not discounts for disabled visitors. Therefore, we recommend booking only the hotel room, to be able to use all the special conditions provided for by the park in the event of disability, as per the specific regulation.

In the event of any form of allergy, it is recommended that you inform the hotel Customer Care team before your arrival, in order that they may find the best solution for your stay in comfort and safety.

It is important to inform the staff or reception desk of any medical issue, who can call the emergency services or doctor as necessary.

Our Hotels are located outside the Park, around 800m away. They are served by a free shuttle service which operates during the opening hours of the Park. For further questions about our hotels, click here.

For information and suggestions on accessibility, contact us:


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