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Special Activities

Happy Birthday Party Wonder Bar

Happy Birthday Party (Evening)

Your birthday will bring many surprises and great fun!
The most magical party ever starts at 9pm in the Wonder Bar at Gardaland Hotel, and includes: a reserved table with fun and cheerful decorations, birthday wishes from our entertainment team, a king or queen’s crown, soft drinks, Gardaland Big Fantasy Cake, personal birthday wishes and a gift from Prezzemolo himself.

Prices: €105 for up to 5 people + €8 per extra person.

KV Magic Walk 7 5

Magic Walk

Help the Wizard cast spells in his workshop and retrieve coloured gems from the magical islands: put on the device and enter the enchanted kingdom for a magical journey! There will be many obstacles to overcome, including bridges suspended in the water or the sky, and magical creatures to distract you.

Service for a fee of €8 per person.
For information on times and place of this activity, please ask at Reception in the Hotels.


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