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Merlin's Magic Wand

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About us

Merlin's Magic Wand is the children’s charity partner of Merlin Entertainments, which aims to provide magical experiences for children in need from all over the world. It was established in 2008 and is active in all Merlin attractions.
The goal is to provide magical experiences for children facing challenges of serious illness, disability and adversity, through three charity programmes:

  • Magical Days Out

  • Magic On Tour

  • Merlin's Magic Spaces

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Magical Days Out

Magical Days Out

Our Magical Days Out programme offers a free day for children and their families at a Merlin attraction, such as Gardaland.

Charitable support can also take place through the many associations that collaborate with us, which receive and distribute free tickets (e.g. local children’s hospitals, orphanages and eligible charities)

In 2023, more than 800 people experienced the magic of Gardaland thanks to Merlin's Magic Wand!

Prezzemolo on Tour

Magic On Tour

The Magic On Tour programme allows us to bring the magic of Merlin directly to children who cannot reach it themselves.

We visit the children to bring them magic and fun in person! Our mascot, Prezzemolo, often visits hospitals, residential homes and other places where less fortunate children live or stay.


Magic Spaces

Merlin's Magic Spaces initiative aims to transform particular areas where children spend a lot of time: e.g. hospitals, residential homes, schools, etc. 

In these spaces, we want to recreate the magic of Merlin's attractions by giving them a theme and completely redesigning them!

In 2019, a SEA LIFE Aquarium-themed room was built in the paediatric ward at the Pederzoli Hospital in Peschiera del Garda (VR).

Many other projects are currently in development!

For more information about Merlin's Magic Wand, the eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit


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