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News for June 2024

A new, mysterious and adventurous attraction is coming to Gardaland!

Novita 2024

Discover the first clues and get ready for a unique experience in 2024!

The secret is out - partially! An incredible surprise awaits you in June at Gardaland: a new attraction that will really get your heart racing, and from today it begins to take shape with an enigmatic symbol.

A purple and gray stone, with 22 mysterious markings and a message to be deciphered, has been placed in the centre of the construction site where the new attraction will soon emerge. But what is it all about? And what does the hidden message mean?

An attraction for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers

Whether you are Generation X, Y, Z or Alpha, you can have fun and experience the thrill of this attraction which is packed with special effects and spectacular sets. It will be able to accommodate about 350 people per hour. It will be a unique and immersive experience to make you feel part of a compelling story.

For now, the name remains a mystery...

The purple stone, which took Gardaland's creative department 100 hours of work, will be a key element of the new attraction, and perhaps hides some clues to its name and setting.

Are you ready to discover this secret of Gardaland and enjoy a new adventure?