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New for June 2024

Gardaland Resort Wolf Legend 2024 DJI 0057

The name of the new attraction revealed!

The name of the new and legendary attraction for families, thrill-seekers and daredevils of all ages was unveiled with a unique event that involved guests at the Park in an unforgettable experience. Visitors were enlisted by staff members and given a mysterious numbered sphere containing a single clue: “at the howl of the wolf, you will reveal the name of the new attraction”. And so it was that, at the howl of the wolf, the many visitors and families gathered in Jumanji Square. Here, after picking up their mystery object and taking their seats, guests raised many puzzle pieces to the sky, thus composing the name of the new attraction. The name Wolf Legend, picked up by a drone that flew over the area, was immediately projected across all the screens in the Park!

Pure Fun!

  • Have fun on more than 40 rides
  • A concentrate of Adrenaline, Adventure, Magic and many Shows
  • Children under 90 cm tall enter for FREE

Borderless Emotions!

  • More than 40 fantastic rides of Gardaland and a breathtaking visit to SEA LIFE Aquarium to discover more than 5000 sea creatures
  • An unforgettable experience for the whole family
  • Children under 90 cm tall enter for FREE

2nd Park Entry for FREE!

  • Choose the exact date of your visit to LEGOLAND® Water Park
  • The ticket allows 1 admission to LEGOLAND® Water Park and to Gardaland Park on the selected date + 1 admission to Gardaland Park on the following day

Endless Fun!

  • Fast-tracks, Discounts on F&B, Shops and Gardaland Hotels
  • Reserved Offers Area: Tickets and Fast-tracks at a special price and many other benefits for Season Pass holders
Gardaland novità 2024

The new attraction will be a drop&twist tower!

The new impressive attraction, which awaits you at Gardaland from June onward, is a “Drop & Twist Tower” that will offer you a thrilling experience!

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OCCHI LUPO 1080X1080

Discover the 16-metre-plus wolf that offers you an unforgettable experience

Are you ready to discover the majestic 16-metre-plus wolf, struck by a curse that turned him into stone?

The Wolf

Novita 2024

Get ready for a unique experience!

The secret is out – partially! An incredible surprise awaits you in June at Gardaland: a new attraction that will really get your heart racing and which, from today, begins to take shape with an enigmatic symbol. A purple stone, with 22 mysterious markings and a message to be deciphered, has been placed in the centre of the construction site. But what is it all about? And what does the message mean?

The purple stone