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Useful Information for Groups, Schools & Parishes of Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium


the "group" must be made up of at least 20 paying visitors (thus excluding children under 1 metre tall, carer-dependent disabled people and drivers, for up to a maximum of 2 per coach); the free passes are awarded for various types of ticket as indicated in the group reservations form.


If wishing to receive tickets in advance by email, to enjoy the special prices reserved to them, Schools and Parishes must send a declaration on headed paper belonging to their group/association to before making any payment; alternatively, in the event of ticket collection and payment for tickets directly at the ticket office on the day of the visit, in order to receive reduced price tickets, the group leader must present both the booking reservation and declaration on headed paper at the “Group Reservations” desk. Without this document, the group will be subject to the full group price for tickets.


  1. Fill in the group reservations form
  2. Receive the booking details summary via email, complete with booking number and confirmation of the visit date.
  3. You will be contacted within 72 hours by our team to complete payment in the case of request for advance tickets and/or payment by bank transfer.

Tickets can be received:

  • directly at the ticket office, on the day of your visit, presenting the group booking number (WEB...) which is issued after completing the online form; in this case, payment can be made in advance by bank transfer (receipt of payment must be sent to us by email by 5 working days before your visit to the park) or directly at the ticket office in cash or by credit card (THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS MAY BE INCREASED OR DECREASED DIRECTLY AT THE TICKET OFFICE, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY).

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the details are as follows:

Gardaland S.r.l.
Unicredit Spa
Largo Francesco Anzani n.13
00153 ROMA
IBAN: IT 31 Z 02008 05364 0000 0078 0328



is free and is located about 200 m from the Park entrance.


there is free admission to the Park for a maximum of 2 drivers per bus.


includes access to all attractions and shows.


there are no further benefits for companions other than the normal concessions granted, as indicated in the group booking form.