T-REXtaurant… tasting enough to tempt a dinosaur!

Got a real dinosaur’s appetite?

Don’t wait another era... come on over to our brand new T-REXtaurant, and enjoy the best grilled meat from the whole of the Jurassic! Dedicated to the exploration of a prehistoric atmosphere, the T-REXtaurant will immediately take you back in time with its amazing setting and the genuine taste of its grilled meats.

Special dishes with a unique taste: from the classic XXL cutlet and its spicy version, to pork rib and the famous T-Bone steak. Each dish can be accompanied by crunchy fries and thirst-quenching soft drinks or an excellent beer.

Those with a sweet tooth can refresh their taste buds with an ice cream and the “herbivores” who don’t savour meat can get their own back with a special hand tossed pizza topped with the most supreme ingredients.

There’s even a menu for the little dinosaurs!

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