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With almost 50 structures in 17 countries, from the United Kingdom, right the way through to Finland, New Zealand and South Korea, the SEA LIFE network is home to over 200.000 creatures and is the biggest aquarium chain in the world. The attraction first opened in Italy in 2008 with the Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium, followed by the Lido di Jesolo SEA LIFE Aquarium in 2011. Discover more on 

Visit Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium and embark on an interactive journey to discover some of the most beautiful creatures that live in the fresh water and seas of planet Earth. In a succession of themed environments, which are perfect reconstructions of various natural habitats, you will get to see a host of underwater worlds, from Lake Garda, right the way through to the dark, mysterious depths of the great oceans.

Are you ready for an incredible, close encounter with sea creatures of every kind? From sea lions and red lionfish, to clownfish and starfish, you'll be swept away by the amazing, transparent sea tunnel, where awe-inspiring sharks and ray fish swim undisturbed, right above your head!

NEW 2017

GUITAR SHARK: be amazed by the unusual and almost prehistoric shape of the guitar shark gracefully swimming in the ocean tank. Behind her mysterious appearance, many unexpected facts will be unveiled about this marine half shark and half ray creature.

AMAZONAS: explore the thick Amazonian vegetation and get close to the fauna of its rivers: piranhas, archerfish and pufferfish will take your breath away with their incredible features! 


AN OCEAN OF THINGS TO SEE AND DO... amidst the waves!

  • Venture into our transparent oceanic tunnel. It will be like taking a deep-sea dive with sharks, rays and other amazing tropical creatures!
  • Visit the interactive rock pools, where you can touch a real shark egg with your very own hands and get a close up view of the starfish.
  • Don’t miss shark-feeding time.
  • In the cinema you can watch interesting films about the marine world. 
Get to know 100 different species of sea creatures. 
Watch the sea through our 40 themed fish tanks, specifically designed for children, with portholes and domes that will leave them speechless.
  • Support our ocean conservation campaigns.
  • Eat or have a snack at the Covo del Capitano fast food restaurant.
In the summer season or on mild winter days you can enjoy our beautifully kept green area, with lots of fun games for children.
  • In the summer season or on mild winter days you can enjoy our beautifully kept green area, with lots of fun games for children.
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