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Are you brave enough to take on the Labyrinth to save Jumanji?

Drought threatens the very existence of Jumanji! The rains have stopped falling, the wells have run dry, and the rivers have stopped flowing. Only you can save the day - by returning the sacred gem to the elephant temple, that will bring back the waters flowing back to the land

Venture into the Labyrinth where you will have to face the dangers of an ancient temple mirror maze, before stepping into a dark adventure tunnel adventure – but watch out for the spitting snakes! Then finally enter the wild jungle maze, with its innumerable pitfalls and surprises

Will you be able to survive the Labyrinth and save Jumanji?

Good luck adventurers!


Pure Fun!

  • Have fun on more than 40 rides
  • A concentrate of Adrenaline, Adventure, Magic and many Shows
  • Children under 1 mt height go FREE

Fun continues to our hotels

  • Breakfast and Gardaland Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium tickets included
  • Overnight stay in one of our classic or themed rooms at Gardaland Hotel, Gardaland Adventure Hotel and Gardaland Magic Hotel

Double Fun!

  • Get thrilled on more than 40 rides and the next day the fun starts again
  • Multiply x 2 Adrenaline, Adventure, Fantasy and many Shows
  • Children under 1 mt height go FREE

Endless Fun!

  • Visit Gardaland Park as many times as you want
  • Exclusive benefits for dining, shopping and hotel stays, with fast-track access to attractions