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This is where the dreams of the younger ones
magically become reality.

A fairy tale medieval Castle, surrounded by entertaining wet slides, is hiding a number of exciting water games!

And to defend it from the attacks of its enemies, splash water from its powerful cannons!!!

In addition, come and play with Prezzemolo the Inventor in a colourful play area. Among flying machines and great colour palettes, happy catapults, super-fun slides, acrobatic elastic trampolines, a truly galactic planetarium and several other surprises... make sure you don’t miss it!

Ancient and solid walls of stone separate the real world from magic lands, granting access only to those who have the pure heart of a child, to those flying over them on the wings of fantasy.

Inside, hidden from the eyes of the unsuspecting Guests walking by, a majestic Castle stands tall. A brilliant inventor, universally known as Prezzemolo, has masterfully planned its own ingenious defence system: powerful cannons, slides to escape, a system of big barrels…

Not far from the big Castle and full of brilliant inventions there is the lab of Prezzemolo the Inventor. The few who were lucky enough to see it have spoken of marvellous things: unusual catapult mechanisms, enormous palettes of flashy colours, winged machines and, lo and behold, an enormous planetarium…