Your Safety First

Access procedures to attractions may vary depending on maximum number of people per single ride, special vehicles etc.

Our staff must always assess whether the body shape of guests, the seat layout, the retaining bars, or the emergency evacuation procedures will ensure the maximum safety of all visitors. If they are in any doubt, you may not be allowed onto the ride for your safety and health.

If your disability is not visible, please inform us. Although our staff is trained, it may not be aware of your disability, if you don't tell it. This is to ensure the maximum safety for you and your family.

Conditions for access to attractions may be changed without notice (e.g. in bad weather and/or for technical reasons).

Finally, to ensure your health and wellbeing we kindly ask you to respect Park rules and to follow the advice and instructions of Gardaland staff.

Note: for safety reasons, guests with reduced mobility, visual impairment or learning disabilities must be accompanied by an adult.

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