Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities

On this page you will find some information about the attractions and facilities available at the Park for persons with cognitive disabilities and their families and/or carers, including guests with autism spectrum disorders.

Come to the WELCOME DESK next to the Castle at the entrance to receive your ticket.

Gardaland staff will give you a paper guide with additional information about the attractions and services available at the Park. Take it with you and read it often.

The Guide to the Park is also available in digital format:




Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities




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People with disabilities unable to go on attractions unattended enter free of charge. Their carers can enter at the reduced rate. People with disabilities who can go on attractions unattended can enter at the reduced rate. The cost of the reduced ticket is € 35.00.


For safety reasons, access to the rides is subject to restrictions mostly related to physical parameters and health conditions. To ensure your safety, Gardaland staff has received clear instructions on how to facilitate your access onto and off each attraction. If your disability is not visible, please inform us. Although our staff is trained, it may not be aware of your disability, if you don't tell it.

PLEASE NOTE: the route to the attraction may require visitors to go up and down steps and other obstacles, including low light and visibility, flashing lights, soundtracks and background noises, making communication difficult. All safety precautions must be taken. Therefore, an adult known to the person and able to assist them when moving up and down must accompany them to the attraction.


Some effects and lights on the attractions may stimulate some visitors excessively. So, take breaks between one emotional experience and the next. Get away from the crowd and use this opportunity to enjoy the company of your friends and carers.


Before leaving for your trip, discuss the details of your visit to the Park with your family. Find out about the attractions and preview them on our website. This will help guests with cognitive disabilities to become familiar with the Park.


During your visit to Gardaland you will often find yourself queuing, in crowded, noisy places. Bring things with you to distract the person with a cognitive disability, such as games, tablets and headphones. Simulate the situations you might come across at the Park. Think about the problems you might have and how to deal with them.


For all other inquiries during your visit to the Park, please contact one of the following information points: Info Welcome, Info Castello and Info West. You can find them on the map of the Park inside the Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities. The information points are marked by the symbol (i).


With 25 Shows every day, the fun is always happening here at Gardaland! The theatres where the shows are staged have seats for guests with disabilities. Please arrive well ahead of the scheduled start of the show to facilitate your access. The meeting points with Prezzemolo, the Park's mascot, are accessible to everyone.


All restaurants have access for disabled people. Get advice from our staff on what meals to enjoy. See the special section for information about special food needs. You’ll be surprised at the choice!


Toilets with facilities for the disabled are available at Gardaland. Look them up on the map to find them.


Our shops have access for everyone. Ask staff for assistance, if required. We are also delighted to offer you an Easy Shopping experience: We can deliver whatever you buy at any shop in the Park by 4 pm to the Adventure Store in the parking area. You can pick it up after 4.30 pm at no charge. 


First aid treatment centre is marked with the symbol (+) on the Park map. The service is provided by qualified medical professionals, who administer emergency treatment, if needed.


A refrigerator is available to all guests needing to store their medicines. Ask the staff at the first aid centre for details.


A limited number of manual wheelchairs are available for hire at the Info Welcome and Info Souk offices. Bookings cannot be made in advance. To take advantage of this service, valid ID will be requested.


For safety reasons, access to attractions is sometimes subject to restrictions. These restrictions are mainly related to the physical and health conditions of visitors, including: age, height, heart or spine disorders, mobility, sensory and cognitive disabilities. The Guide contains a list of attractions suitable for people with cognitive disabilities.

Note: some attractions have access in low visibility or flashing lights (i.e. alternating with darkness). Please take particular care, if you are sensitive to light, claustrophobic or have epilepsy.

Check which attractions are suitable for people with a heart condition or hypertension. Some rides have a symbol next to it, indicating that it is forbidden for people with a heart condition or hypertension.

In emergency situations, some attractions have long, complicated evacuation procedures, such as stopping, for technical reasons, in areas other than the normal departure stations.

Some rides require guests to be moved out of their wheelchairs before getting on. If you use a wheelchair, please see the
Guide for Guests with Mobility Disabilities.


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