New 2019: The Wizard’s House

Come and discover the Wizard’s House,
where all the magic of Gardaland began

You will pass through unusual and suggestive rooms, where the magical secrets of the Wizard of Gardaland are kept.

You will touch with your hand what inspired the Wizard to create the fantastic 2019 news and who knows...
will you find out what he has in store for the future?


Leave the world you know and enter a magical path...




Cross the Wizard’s House’s doorstep…

The Wizard’s House



Discover the magical objects and the fantastic creatures that live there...

The Wizard’s House



And finally... will you get to know the Wizard?

The Wizard’s House

But the story doesn’t end...
Help the Wizard of Gardaland break the spell of the wicked Witch and save the Enchanted Forest!


Find out the Enchanted Forest

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