Tutankhamon Restaurant

We serve the most alluring Egyptian adventure

Imagine passing through a monumental entrance that leads to a hall where walls and columns relate the story of a great pharaoh, and impressive statues observe you in the silence... of a tomb!

It is not a story... it is only the beginning of your adventure!

Be alert... you will be rushed into a memorable experience where the border between present and past will be at your table. You will witness the ancient Egyptians present in the banquet hall of Tutankhamun's temple awaken, and you will be invited to attend the great pharaoh’s dinner... and this will only be the beginning!
Once you are seated at the table, you may contemplate the powerful presence of Anubis who watches over the temple, and interact with the mysterious characters that move around you at every gesture of Tutankhamun.
You may participate in the evening banquet, savouring a choice of pizzas cooked on a wood fired oven. You may choose from two types of dough, namely the former is traditional dough made with sourdough starter, and the latter is kneaded with sourdough starter containing Khorasan flour, the Pharaoh’s wheat, a superior quality cereal produced from organic farming and rich in beneficial healthy nutritional properties.
There will also be an intriguing À la Carte Menu with dishes of the local and Italian culinary tradition, vegetarian options and dishes created for little adventurers who wish to banquet in Tutankhamun’s Temple. Besides a choice of local and Italian wines, you may savor raw homemade beer.

There will also be, on request, special menus for coeliacs and luscious alternatives to be defined with the chef for all other cases of food intolerances.
You may access the Tutankhamun Restaurant even if you are not staying in our hotels. Indeed, Gardaland Adventure Hotel will open its adventure portal to all those who wish to dine in a special atmosphere, experiencing an evening in which dinner and entertainment merge to create an unrivalled experience.

And that’s not all of it. The Tutankhamun Restaurant will be a fascinating location for business lunches and banquets, and for unforgettable corporate dinners.



Nothing will be more exciting than a short break at the Tutankhamun Bar. Amidst impressive columns and walls lined with hieroglyphs, you will feel immersed in ancient Egypt and your drinks or snacks will have a unique flavour.

Please also note that animals are not allowed into the facilities, including restaurants open to the general public.



Food allergies & Intolerances: We inform you that while every precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination, our kitchens do handle food substances containing allergens, including nuts and gluten. We ask you to speak to a member of staff for specific information about ingredients before ordering. Our staff can offer you advice only about 14 common allergens. 

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