Prezzemolo and his friends

Prezzemolo and his friends

A young dragon in love with life. A vivacious, extroverted, positive and cheerful character. He lives with his friends and fellow adventurers in his tree-house in the heart of Gardaland. He's sociable beyond all bounds and so his house is always open to his friends!
For him friendship is the most precious of all treasures; he is protective, hospitable and patient, loves and respects nature and all its animals.

A bat who is always finding fault, a sarcastic little tough guy. He's Prezzemolo's best friend and fellow adventurer. The two never miss the chance to kick off entertaining squabbles. Always ready to step in or come to each other’s aid, they wouldn't let each other down for anything in the world!
A funny character who is always up for gags and jokes. Delightfully irreverent and always ready to say what he thinks ...calling a spade a spade and sometimes the artifice of unforgivable blunders, particularly with respect to Aurora.

The beautiful princess and aspiring magician. She lives amongst trunks of magic tricks, stills, potions and all manner of knick-knacks.
Aurora is intelligent, extremely feminine in all ways, but like all girls her age also a little moody and changeable. Like girls her age she's a little contradictory: vain but very sensitive, gutsy and docile, a romantic dreamer and yet practical and decisive.

Pagui is a friendly and overweight seagull who lives on the lake shore. An eccentric character, with a naive nature that is paradoxical to say the least!
The classic immodest good-natured type: his know-it-all nature often is nothing more than prattle. Thoughtless, blunt, odd and muddling, he is loved by all because deep down he's really tender, good, sociable and naive.
He is often in competition with Mously with hilarious results, characterised by a series of ironic gaffes.

Stone-faced is the word. An overbearing, turncoat, go-between and opportunist tiger. Very rich and equally dissatisfied. It doesn't matter what the treasure is, he's after all that's power and wealth! His motto? "Endless richness!"
A double agent and a little underhand, he often plays the "good guy" to his own advantage. Social climber, clever and Machiavellian, for T-Gey the tiger "the ends always justifies the means!" He may even betray the others to get what he wants.
Someone to avoid at all costs it seems.

The panda-scientist is the genius of the squad ... but not immune from causing a little bit of trouble!
An inventor, and one who lives for science and... science fiction. His lab has everything: from time travel machines to an electric teaspoon.
Bambù is a dreamer, completely detached from reality. He tests and retests his inventions and often does so on his friends who turn to him to fix their daily problems and sort out any fixes they've landed in. The results, however, are not always the best.



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