Get on your favourite attractions faster!

 With a Gardaland Express pass - purchased on top of your normal entry pass - you can reduce waiting times on selected attractions on the day you purchase your pass (the pass allows 1 entry to each attraction only, unless otherwise stated).
  • WHERE?
 You can purchase your pass at the dedicated Ticket Offices, at the Gardaland Express Points (Medieval, Mammut, and Shaman areas), at the Info Point in the Western Area, and at the reception of the Gardaland Hotel. Limited daily availability.
  • YOU'LL GET An electronic wristband, which will allow you to access the attractions in the chosen package. However, you must look after it carefully, as it cannot be replaced if lost or damaged. The wristband is neither transferable nor refundable.
  • ARROWS The way to the “quick fun” is indicated by Gardaland Express signs at the beginning of the Express queue lines. 
  • VALIDITY Gardaland Express is only valid on the day of purchase, with the exception of the 'ABBONATO SUPERSTAR' and "ABBONATO JUNIOR", which is valid for the entire season.


Before buying a Gardaland Express pass, check the safety restrictions
for each attraction or ask one of our sales staff.


DOWNLOAD the Gardaland Express information!
Fees may be subject to variation.




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