Pizzeria Saloon

The tastiest pizza in the Wild West!

Situated in the heart of the West Village, Pizzeria Saloon was established in... 1992!

The restaurant offers a vast selection of pizzas, from classic to more adventurous options, all cooked in a real pizza oven, fired by beech wood that has been seasoned for 24 months.

All the pizzas are handmade, according to tradition, by expert pizza makers.

The pizza dough recipe is exclusive to Gardaland and the ingredients, like melting mozzarella or fragrant Parma ham, are always fresh and delicious. 

Those wanting something different can choose one of our tasty new white pizzas.

The real 'Cowboys' among you can also chose from our tempting range of Western-style dishes, while the more health conscious can tuck into a wholesome salad. 

Meanwhile, little ones can try our fantastic Kid's Menu!

And you'll be amazed at the speed of the service: because only Gardaland has the fastest pizza in the West!


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