Fantastic New Shows!

Ladies and Gentlemen... may the best ever shows begin!

Sitting comfortably? Then let us begin and transport you into the wonderful
dream of the star in “Gardaland on Broadway".

Become a star in a musical, the greatest of all time. Let us take you by the hand into an exciting,
fast-moving performance of famous scenes from the best-known Broadway productions,
from “Mamma Mia” to “Grease, from “Sister Act” to “Moulin Rouge”.

A whirlwind of choreographies, colours, extraordinary costumes, scenery and
surprising spectacular effects, all set to wonderful, unforgettable songs, strictly live on stage.


“5 Elements” takes you on an extraordinary journey of discovery
into this secret world, into the heart of planet Earth. 

Legend has it that the Earth is hollow and hides a fantastic secret world at its core,
an unexplored paradise where the elements magically come alive.

Earth, water, fire, air and light come together in a series of top level acrobatic performances
and amazing video mapping effects, bringing alive a show that is one of its kind.

Experience a real midsummer’s night dream.

Be blown away by the magic of the star-studded heavens of Piazza Valle dei Re and the fantastic story
of this great new final show. For a total of 86 evenings, from 16 June to 9 September,
this performance is guaranteed to be the most exciting ever.



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