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The QODA App must be downloaded for virtual queueing to the rides. Link your ticket or season pass to the App BEFORE coming to the Park!

Find out how to activate the QODA App and watch the video tutorial

  1. Download the QODA APP from Google Play, App Store or Huawei App Gallery
  2. Enable location and allow push notifications
  3. Link your tickets or season passes/Gardaland Club by scanning the respective QR codes with your camera (each ticket/season pass can be linked to only one mobile phone)
  4. From now on, you will be able to view the rides with their estimated queueing times and select the one you wish to book
  5. You will be able to join a virtual queue for one attraction at a time, for a maximum number of people that coincides with the number of tickets/season passes you have linked to your mobile phone
  6. If you have linked a VIP or Premium season pass or Membership Gardaland Club, your Gardaland Express benefits are already loaded and you can choose to book one of the enabled rides and opt for fast access, saving time!
  7. If you have purchased a Gardaland Express package or a Single Ride, add it to your existing ticket in the QODA App by scanning the QR code with your camera. From now on, you can join the virtual queue at the rides included in your package, choosing the fast access option and saving time!
  8. When it's about 5 minutes until your turn, you'll receive a notification saying "It's almost your turn!". Approach the entrance to the attraction!
  9. When it is your turn, a QR CODE will appear on the screen of your mobile phone: access the attraction by scanning the QR code at the turnstile to the walkway. The QR code will remain valid for 5 minutes after it appears on your screen.

Useful Information

  • You can leave the queue at any time before scanning the QR code at the turnstile to the walkway
  • Always keep your ticket, even inside the Park
  • If your group/family wants to split up or if you want to use another mobile phone, transfer one or more tickets/season passes from one mobile phone to another: any Gardaland Express selection linked to these tickets will be automatically transferred with them
  • You can ask for assistance with any of these steps from the operators at the entrances to attractions that require virtual queueing
  • If you already have a season pass or admission ticket or Gardaland Club, link it to the QODA APP before your visit to the Park!
  • It will be possible to access a virtual queue only once inside the Park (after validation of the ticket/season pass).


We remind our guests that QODA APP is a service managed by an external provider. Gardaland therefore assumes no responsibility or liability for the use and management of the QODA APP.

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