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Gardaland ready to open safely as soon as the authorities allow it.

“Gardaland is ready to safely open its gates, for a fantastic new season full of fun and fabulous innovation”, says Mr. Aldo Maria Vigevani, Managing Director of Gardaland. “Obviously, we are aware of the current situation but we trust in the measures that the Government has launched and in the guidelines that will be given in the next ministerial decree regarding activities in late spring”.

Gardaland looks to the future with optimism and is preparing to inaugurate LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland in mid-May. This is the first LEGOLAND® Water Park in Europe and the first in the world built in a non-LEGOLAND® brand amusement park, for which an investment of 20 million euros has been allocated. “We are confident that, given the international importance of the LEGO® brand, the opening of LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland will help strengthen our position as a prime destination for fun, particularly for families”, continues Mr. Vigevani. On the construction site, the Entrance Gate is currently being completed - this allows you access to the fantastic world of LEGO® bricks - and the pools are being prepared for filling, while the huge colourful slides around them are already clearly visible.

Gardaland also pays the utmost attention to safety. The Protocol developed last year - for which 1 million euro was allocated - has proved effective and will continue to be applied in 2021, with the addition of further improvements. “The restriction of daily entrance numbers and mandatory reservation of the date of access to the park (together with all the other measures taken to ensure distancing and sanitation) have been successful, so much so that no contagion was recorded among the guests”, explains Mr. Vigevani. “This year we will add additional support measures for accessing attractions and improving the QODA queue management App”.


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